🔊 Oscar: Have you ever wanted to get into music but just didn't know how? Maybe you've tried to learn a musical instrument but found it to be too difficult. DJing may be the perfect way for you to get started.

Learning how to DJ is a great way to learn about music because you learn a lot of music theory without actually having to learn the skills necessary to play an instrument like a guitar or saxophone, so this allows for us to focus on the other things, such as timing, understanding what a bar is learning, what a beat is.

We're also learning to develop active listening skills, which allow us to really understand how music is constructed. This goes a long way, going to be able to produce music later on.

🔊 Oscar: If you were to choose to learn how to play a musical instrument, maybe the piano, or perhaps you will learn how to play the ukulele, knowing how to DJ will make your life so much easier because you understand how the music actually works. 

The other advantage in learning how to DJ first before learning how to play any other musical instrument is you get to start having fun right away. The sooner you can start having fun, the faster you will learn. And the more likely you are to stick with something. 

One of the reasons things like the violin are challenging to pick up, especially at a later age, is that it takes a long time to get good. We really have to do something with this expectation that we will have fun later on in the future date, rather than focusing right now and having fun immediately and growing from there.

Just take it one day at a time. If you practice a couple of times a week. Over the course of a few weeks, you'll notice a major improvement in your ability to understand music.

🔊 Oscar: So, how could you get started learning how to DJ? Actually, learning how to DJ itself is not that easy, but it is the year 2021. And we do have this awesome tool called DJ Pro AI. I

magine having training wheels on your bicycle. It helps you start learning things like special effects, what songs go well together, what beats per minute mean, or what is a key. 

It will help you do things like fade between tracks until you learn how to do it yourself. So within an hour, you can start producing interesting music. You can start having fun. You can start having a good time.

🔊 Oscar: You don't have to buy anything to get started to learn how to DJ, but it'll be much easier and a lot more fun if you get a DJ controller. I recommend getting a controller with the least amount of functionality possible and the least amount of knobs. This will allow you to focus on learning how to DJ rather than being caught up in the mechanics of the controller itself.

So, in this instance, less is more. The controller that I'm using myself is called DJ Starlight for Hercules. You can buy it for under a hundred dollars brand new at Amazon. This controller has native integration with DJ Pro and will allow you to do things like crossfading, adjust volumes, and set up cues.

Hercules DJControl Starlight

Hercules DJControl Starlight from Sweetwater

🔊 Oscar: You'll be able to apply special effects and trigger samples. It also allows you to start from scratch, and it has tools to help you synchronize your tracks. It also has this really cool neon light. One of the aspects of DJing is you have to feel cool about what you do. So having a cool controller with a light show. You're going to feel good.

The other thing I actually recommend is getting a set of LED colored lights, and you can get them for $40, maybe less. One of the advantages of having those lights, you can start to set up the creative space. You can think of it like this. You're trying to create a priming trigger for your mind to know that you're about to become a creator.

Neewer Dimmable Lights

Neewer Dimmable Lights from Amazon

🔊 Oscar: And one of the easiest ways to do it is just with light. Having a blue and yellow light being pointed away from you on the wall and diffused will start setting an ambiance and help you become more creative. Most importantly, take the pressure off yourself. Don't worry too much about how far you're progressed or how long it's going to take.

Just take it one day at a time. Just practice a couple of times a week over a few weeks. You'll notice a major improvement in your ability to understand music, in your ability to put together mixes. Your musicality will go up. 

You'll notice that you'll be able to bob with the rhythm a lot better than you did before. And this will set you on a course of exploring music and really having toys that can grow with you and you will receive value from for the rest of your life.

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