Rampage Jackson Plans Dominating MMA Comeback in 2023

Rampage Jackson has unfinished business with an old TUF rival

Former UFC champion Rampage Jackson is planning a comeback in 2023 and is determined to settle the score with his old rival Darrill Schoonover.

Jackson and Schoonover had a history of mutual taunting and heated verbal altercations during their time on The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights in 2009.

Despite their previous animosity, the match between Jackson and Schoonover never materialized, leaving Jackson eager to face him or anyone else he dislikes in his MMA return.

Driven by his desire to dominate, Jackson holds grudges and is not one to let things go easily.

His return to the octagon will undoubtedly bring fireworks.

Rampage Jackson is headed back to the heavyweight division

If Rampage Jackson makes his comeback, he is certain it will be in the heavyweight division.

Despite facing criticism about his weight, the 45-year-old fighter has used it as motivation to shed extra pounds and get in better shape.

Jackson acknowledges that he needed a drastic change and the comments from MMA fans online have fueled his drive to prove his doubters wrong.

He sees the criticism as a source of power, rather than bullying, pushing him to take action and show that he can compete at a high level.

With his determination and renewed dedication, Jackson is ready to make a formidable return to the heavyweight scene.

Jackson advocates for new promotion UFL

Rampage Jackson is not just planning a comeback, but also advocating for the United Fight League (UFL), a new promotion that prioritizes fighter well-being.

The UFL offers fighters medical and life insurance, as well as a stake in the company through stock options.

Jackson, along with other former UFC champions like Frank Mir and Tito Ortiz, has been working as an ambassador for the UFL.

Impressed by the UFL's founder, Harrison Rogers, Jackson feels honored to be associated with someone who genuinely cares about the fighters.

Supporting the UFL allows Jackson to align himself with a promotion that shares his values and commitment to the sport.

Jackson's comeback aims for domination and redemption

Rampage Jackson's return to MMA is fueled by his desire for domination and redemption.

Eager to settle the score with his old rival and prove himself once again, Jackson is focused on delivering a dominant performance.

Having held the UFC light heavyweight title in the past, Jackson is no stranger to success in the sport.

Now, with his sights set on the heavyweight division, he aims to showcase his power and skills against formidable opponents.

Fans can expect a rejuvenated Rampage Jackson ready to reclaim his place among the MMA elite.

Motivated by criticism, Jackson transforms for his return

Criticism about his weight has motivated Rampage Jackson to undergo a transformation for his MMA return.

The 45-year-old fighter has taken the comments from MMA fans online as fuel to shed extra pounds and improve his overall fitness.

Recognizing the need for change, Jackson has embraced the challenge and put in the hard work to prepare for his comeback.

Determined to silence his doubters, Jackson's physical and mental transformation is a testament to his resilience and unwavering commitment to the sport.

With a renewed focus and an improved physique, Jackson is ready to make a powerful statement upon his return to the octagon.

As Rampage Jackson eyes his 2023 comeback, anticipation among MMA fans continues to grow.

With his unfinished business against Darrill Schoonover and his determination to dominate the heavyweight division, Jackson's return promises excitement.

Advocating for the UFL adds another layer of intrigue to his comeback, as fans are curious to see how this new promotion will impact the sport.

Jackson's story of transformation and redemption resonates with fans, making his return a highly anticipated event in the MMA community.

As the countdown to 2023 begins, the stage is set for Rampage Jackson to make his mark once again and captivate audiences with his undeniable power and skill.


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