Pac-12 Media Rights Deal: Impact on Conference Stability and Realignment

Pac-12 Media Rights Deal Coming Soon

The Pac-12 is expected to release details of its highly anticipated media rights deal in the near future. The deal is likely to include a mix of streaming and linear options and is expected to be on-par with other conferences such as the ACC and Big 12.

The Pac-12's patience in making a deal has attracted more bidders, signaling a potentially lucrative agreement. While the deal will not be announced at Pac-12 football media day, the conference remains optimistic about the upcoming announcement.

Grant of Rights and Conference Stability

For the Pac-12 to remain intact after the departure of USC and UCLA, the remaining presidents and chancellors must sign the grant of rights. This deal includes pre-negotiated terms, such as revenue sharing, and signifies a commitment to the conference.

The length of the grant of rights will align with the terms of the new television contract, ensuring stability for the conference. The satisfaction of the presidents and chancellors with the new media deal will be a determining factor in signing the grant of rights.

Impact on Conference Realignment

Leaders in college athletics have been closely monitoring the Pac-12 and its media rights deal for potential conference realignment impacts. The Big 12's interest in expansion and its recent television deal with ESPN and FOX have added uncertainty to the situation.

Some schools in the Pac-12 believe that being part of a 10-team conference may have advantages in the expanded College Football Playoff. The Pac-12's board has narrowed down potential expansion schools, but the new media deal could influence their decisions.


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