Biaggio Ali Walsh shares the best advice he received from Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali's grandson, Biaggio Ali Walsh, reveals that his grandfather's best advice to him was to stay humble. Despite being the most confident person in the world, Ali was also the sweetest and nicest person one could ever meet.

Growing up around boxing, Ali Walsh decided to pursue MMA instead because he was attracted to the idea of multiple martial arts in a fight. He shares that he has implemented some of his grandfather's boxing techniques into his striking for MMA.

Currently signed to the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Ali Walsh shares that he is set to face fellow American Travell Miller in Atlanta, Georgia. Although he has yet to make his professional debut, he holds three wins and one defeat at amateur level.

Ali Walsh talks about the pressure of being Ali's grandson and his desire to create his own name and legacy in the sport. He believes that every fighter wants to create their own name and legacy, and he is no different from any other fighter.

Ali Walsh believes his grandfather would have loved MMA

Ali Walsh shares that his grandfather did a cross martial arts fight against Antonio Inoki in the '70s, which was a brand new idea back then. He believes that his grandfather would have loved MMA, especially during Conor McGregor's peak at featherweight.

Although he has implemented some of his grandfather's boxing techniques into his striking, Ali Walsh acknowledges that MMA is different from boxing. In MMA, there are leg kicks so you can't be heavy on that lead leg, or you'll get your leg chopped off.

Currently training at Extreme Couture in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ali Walsh talks about his favorite fight of his grandfather's, which is when he fought Cleveland Williams. He thinks that was peak Ali, where he looked the fastest and indestructible.

Ali Walsh is aware that being Ali's grandson means he has more attention at this stage of his career than other fighters. However, he is very spiritual and religious, and he knows that God can lift that weight for him.

Frans Mlambo ready to announce himself on the world stage

Frans Mlambo, a product of John Kavanagh's famed Straight Blast Gym in Dublin, is ready to announce himself on the world stage. He has been involved in super-fights from the background and has been used as a sparring partner by Conor McGregor.

On a five-fight win streak, Mlambo has been signed to the PFL, MMA's only seasonal format. He faces Dominique Wooding on July 8 in Berlin in a rematch of the bout he won in 2019.

The PFL launched a knockout tournament in Europe, offering $100,000 and a spot in the $1m winner-take-all season. Mlambo warns that his time is now and he is hungry to win.

Mlambo talks about the frustration of watching on from the sidelines and being around people who are doing very well. Despite winning fights and tournaments, he does not have the same opportunities as others. He believes that he is doing the exact same thing as these other people, so what's different about him?

Esports and Sports teams join forces for charity

Esports and sports teams have come together to raise money for charity. The event, called the Proving Grounds Cup, will feature teams from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLS, as well as esports teams from Overwatch, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six Siege.

The tournament will take place on July 22 and 23 and will be streamed live on Twitch. All proceeds from the event will go to the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

This is not the first time that esports and traditional sports have come together for a good cause. Last year, the All-In Challenge raised over $60 million for various charities, with esports organizations such as FaZe Clan and 100 Thieves participating.

The Proving Grounds Cup is a great example of how esports and traditional sports can work together to make a positive impact on society. It is also a testament to the growing influence of esports in the sports world.

MMA fighter Michelle Waterson talks about her daughter's influence on her career

MMA fighter Michelle Waterson shares how her daughter has influenced her career. She talks about how her daughter has given her a new perspective on life and has made her a better fighter.

Waterson shares that her daughter inspired her to start the Girl Dad Movement, which promotes the importance of fathers in girls' lives. She believes that fathers play a crucial role in their daughters' self-esteem and self-worth.

Currently signed to the UFC, Waterson is set to face Marina Rodriguez on July 24. She shares that her daughter has helped her find balance in her life. Being a mother has taught her how to be more present in the moment and to appreciate the little things in life.

Waterson believes that being a mother has made her a better fighter because it has given her a new perspective on fighting. She no longer fights just for herself, but also for her daughter and for all the other little girls out there who look up to her.

Sports and technology team up to enhance the fan experience

Sports and technology have teamed up to enhance the fan experience. One example of this is the use of virtual and augmented reality in sports events.

Virtual reality allows fans to immerse themselves in the game, giving them a 360-degree view of the action. Augmented reality, on the other hand, overlays digital content on top of the real world, allowing fans to see additional information on their smartphones or other devices.

Other examples of technology in sports include smart stadiums, which use sensors and data to improve the fan experience, and wearable technology, which helps athletes track their performance and prevent injuries.

The use of technology in sports is only going to continue to grow. As fans demand more immersive and interactive experiences, sports organizations will need to keep up with the latest innovations to stay relevant and competitive.

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