Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida: MMA Transitions Enhances Jiu-Jitsu Skills

MMA Transition: Boosting Jiu-Jitsu Skills

Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida, the ONE heavyweight superstar, believes that his transition to MMA has made his jiu-jitsu skills even better.

He feels that his dedication to MMA has helped his bread and butter discipline, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, thrive.

'Buchecha' attributes his improved jiu-jitsu to his focus on training no-gi.

As one of the world's best submission grappling artists, his opponents should be wary of his enhanced skills.

Having already displayed his elite jiu-jitsu skills in ONE Championship, 'Buchecha' aims for another submission win in his upcoming fight against 'Reug Reug' Oumar Kane.

'Buchecha': A Force in the Grappling World

'Buchecha' is regarded as one of the world's best submission grappling artists, with numerous accolades in both no-gi and GI tournaments worldwide.

Analysts have consistently praised his exemplary skills and athleticism in the sport.

Having dedicated the majority of the past two decades to his grappling prowess, 'Buchecha' has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

He has already showcased his elite jiu-jitsu skills on the ONE Championship stage, securing three first-round submissions against formidable opponents.

With his upcoming fight against 'Reug Reug' Oumar Kane, 'Buchecha' aims to add another submission victory to his impressive record.

Upcoming Battle at ONE Fight Night 13

'Buchecha' is set to face 'Reug Reug' Oumar Kane at ONE Fight Night 13, scheduled for Friday, August 4.

This highly anticipated matchup will be available for North American fans to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Given 'Buchecha's' track record and his relentless pursuit of victory, a fourth submission win could be on the cards.

Fans and opponents alike should prepare themselves for an intense display of 'Buchecha's' enhanced jiu-jitsu skills and relentless fighting spirit.


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