Justin Simmons Embraces Sean Payton's Teaching Approach to Dominate the Field

Simmons Welcomes Sean Payton's Education-Focused Coaching

Denver Broncos star Justin Simmons is excited to work with new head coach Sean Payton.

Simmons sees Payton as a valuable teacher who emphasizes the education and understanding of the game.

Payton's coaching style focuses on the 'why' and the importance of every aspect of the game.

Simmons looks forward to learning from Payton and embracing his coaching style.

The Broncos traded for Payton in hopes of a new direction and domination on the field.

Simmons Participates in Wildfire Prevention Event

Before training camp, Simmons joined a wildfire prevention event on behalf of USAA.

The event aimed to spread awareness, offer tips, and educate the public on wildfire prevention.

Simmons compared the importance of preparation in defense and preventing wildfires.

He met with local firefighters, chatted with them, and signed autographs at the event.

Simmons recognizes the impact of wildfires and the importance of power in both sports and nature.

Simmons Dedicates Time to Film Study for 2023 Season

In preparation for the 2023 season, Simmons focuses on film study to improve his performance.

He analyzes missed plays, tackles, and assignments from last year to identify areas for growth.

Simmons takes a microscopic look at his own game, aiming to dominate on the field.

He credits the influential No-Fly Zone players for teaching him this introspective style.

Simmons is determined to better his play and showcase his power in the upcoming season.

Simmons attended the NBA Finals with teammate Russell Wilson and spoke highly of him.

He describes Wilson as a perfectionist and one of the hardest workers he has played with.

Simmons finds Wilson's attention to detail and preparation highly motivational.

He is excited for Wilson's second year with the Broncos and believes in their team's potential.

Simmons' Journey Through Coaching Changes

Denver Broncos star Justin Simmons has played under six head coaches in eight years.

Now, with Sean Payton as the newest addition, Simmons embraces the coaching journey.

He sees each coach as an opportunity to learn and grow, gaining different perspectives.

Simmons credits this journey for shaping his understanding and domination of the game.

He is ready to apply his knowledge and power to lead the Broncos to success.

Simmons Combines Football and Community Service

Aside from his dedication to football, Simmons takes part in community service.

He participated in a wildfire prevention event and supports causes like USAA.

Simmons recognizes the importance of giving back and using his platform for positive impact.

He connects the power of football to raise awareness and promote change.

Simmons remains committed to both the game and making a difference in the community.


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