Josh Jackson's MMA Journey: From Pandemic Hiatus to UFC Fight Pass

Josh Jackson's MMA comeback story

After a year and a half hiatus due to the pandemic, Josh Jackson won two straight TKO victories.

His management team struggled to find matchups for him until he landed a fight with Unified MMA 51.

Jackson is known for his striking, technical skills and composure.

He hopes this fight will catapult him to big organizations in the future.

Jackson has worked with and around top-level fighters at Crazy 88 MMA and Groundswell MMA.

Opportunities for up-and-coming MMA fighters

In the past year, there have never been more opportunities for fighters like Jackson to land offers from top promotions.

With UFC Fight Pass, the odds of getting noticed by the right people might increase.

Impressing when it matters and doing so in front of the right eyes is key.

Jackson is 'good enough that a lot of guys don’t really want to fight him. And so you have to throw a wider net,' Davis said.

The pandemic has affected many up-and-coming fighters, but opportunities are on the rise.

Josh Jackson's fighting style

Jackson is most known for his striking, but he's capable of anything his opponents don't want to do.

He's found his sweet spot at welterweight, fighting catchweights between 155 and 175 in the past.

His coach has praised his composure and technical skills.

Jackson hopes to make a splash on the biggest platform of his career.

He believes this fight will be the turning point in his career.

Josh Jackson's fight in Canada

Jackson is taking his first international MMA bout in Canada at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre.

This will be his first appearance on a card broadcast by UFC Fight Pass.

Jackson meets Bobby Poulter in a Unified MMA 51 welterweight bout.

He hopes this fight will be the catapult to bigger organizations.

Jackson is well prepared and ready to make a statement.

AMA with an ABC certified Judge

An anonymous ABC certified Judge took to Reddit to answer questions about judging in MMA.

The Judge has been certified and feels like something should be done with the state of the sport lately.

The Judge answered questions from Redditors to the best of their ability.

Judging in MMA has always been a hot topic for fans and fighters.

The sport is constantly evolving and changes need to be made to ensure fairness.

The future of sports and esports

The pandemic has forced the sports world to adapt and change.

Esports have risen in popularity due to their ability to be played online.

The future of sports and esports may be forever changed.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies will change how we experience sports.

The rise of esports and online gaming will continue to challenge traditional sports.


By Joshua R. Smith (June 22, 2023). Frederick's Josh Jackson taking trip to Canada for next MMA venture, bout on UFC Fight Pass.
V01D3DOfficial. (June 21, 2023). I am an ABC certified Judge that is certified by a state Athletic Commission here to answer your questions on judging in MMA AMA. .

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