The Robotics Factory Finds Home at Tech Forge in Pittsburgh

The Robotics Factory, an initiative supported by Innovation Works, the Pittsburgh Robotics Network, and the Southwestern Pennsylvania New Economy Collaborative, has announced its new location at the Tech Forge building in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood.

This move marks a significant stride in the project, which is part of the $63 million Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant. The Robotics Factory consists of three programs that address ideation, commercialization, and scaling of robotics companies.

The first batch of six companies will soon relocate to the Robotics Row location, which will provide design support, prototyping resources, and access to comprehensive manufacturing facilities.

Significant Stride in the Project Supported by Build Back Better Regional Challenge Grant

The establishment of this site marks a significant stride in the project, a key element of the $63 million Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant awarded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to the Southwestern Pennsylvania New Economy Collaborative – a coalition of the region’s leading university, philanthropic, and private sector partners.

The Robotics Factory is composed of three distinct programs, addressing everything from ideation to commercialization. The Create program cultivates an innovative space for entrepreneurs, technology experts, researchers, and industry professionals to address industry challenges through workshops.

The Accelerate program propels up to six pre-seed robotics startups with funding, mentorship, and resources through a seven-month intensive program. The Scale program provides industry-leading expertise in product prototyping and services, supporting companies in developing production-ready products by utilizing the resources of the Robotics Factory.

Accelerate Program Companies Set to Relocate to Robotics Row

The first batch of six companies chosen for the Accelerate program will relocate to the Robotics Row location as soon as feasible. This new location will provide in-house design for manufacturing, supply chain management, prototyping support, and access to the region's comprehensive manufacturing resources.

By empowering companies to incorporate manufacturing considerations in the initial design stages, the Robotics Factory will expedite the deployment of autonomous technologies and enable companies to attain scalability.

According to Ven Raju, President & CEO of Innovation Works, the Lawrenceville site was selected based on its alignment with the strategic goals of the Build Back Better regional challenge grant.

Tech Forge: A Hub for Innovation and Collaboration

Jenn Apicella, Interim Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network, expressed excitement about the Robotics Factory's arrival at Tech Forge, emphasizing its pivotal role in supporting, accelerating, and scaling robotics companies.

The strategic location at Tech Forge will foster unparalleled collaboration opportunities, leading to new and impactful commercialized industry use and adoption. This move solidifies Pittsburgh's robotics ecosystem's impact on a global scale while driving economic growth and job creation in the region.

The regional EDA grant positions southwestern Pennsylvania to advance the robotics and autonomy cluster, a sector where Pittsburgh's leadership and expertise command global recognition.

Fostering Inclusivity and Transforming Communities

The focus of the Robotics Factory is on fostering inclusivity and targeting those previously overlooked for employment, wealth creation, and innovation opportunities in robotics and autonomy.

The dedicated home for the Robotics Factory fortifies the region’s robotics cluster and reinforces Pittsburgh’s position as a global leader in robotics innovation.

The initiatives funded by the EDA grant aim to transform individuals, businesses, and communities across southwestern Pennsylvania by offering sustained opportunities in this booming sector.

Pittsburgh: From Industrial Powerhouse to Technology Hub

The Robotics Factory's new home at Tech Forge reflects Pittsburgh's transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a 21st-century technology hub.

With a dynamic and regarded robotics cluster, deliberate investments like the Robotics Factory are bolstering the ecosystem and ensuring that the opportunities it presents can be accessed by people, places, and companies of all stages and sizes across the region.

Pittsburgh's robotics and autonomy sector, with its renowned research institutions and entrepreneurial ecosystem, continues to drive job growth and energize the regional economy.

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