Robotic Revolution in Solar Installation: Terabase Energy and Sarcos Technology Lead the Way

Robotic Solar Installers Transforming the Renewable Energy Landscape

As the United States pushes for a transition to renewable energy sources, the solar industry is turning to autonomous robots for installation projects.

The Solar Energy Industries Association predicts a demand for 800,000 solar workers by 2030, creating challenges in finding qualified applicants.

To meet this demand and enhance efficiency, solar developers are increasingly exploring and implementing robotic versions of solar installers.

Leading the charge in this innovative field are Terabase Energy and Sarcos Robotics Corporation.

Terabase Energy Secures $25 Million for Terafab Automated Installation System

Terabase Energy has recently secured $25 million in funding to support the commercial scale-up of its cutting-edge Terafab automated installation system.

Designed as an automated "field factory," Terafab utilizes digital twins, logistics software, and installation rovers to double installation productivity.

To further accelerate growth, Terabase Energy has also established a manufacturing facility in California to produce gigawatt Terafab assembly lines.

With high-throughput, 24/7 operation, and modularity for rapid ramp-ups and reduced project schedules, Terabase Energy's Terafab is revolutionizing solar installation.

Sarcos Technology and Blattner Company Collaborate for Safer and More Efficient PV Module Installation

Sarcos Technology and Robotics Company has joined forces with Blattner Company to provide automatic, robotic construction solutions for utility-scale solar projects.

This strategic partnership aims to optimize employee safety and significantly enhance the efficiency of PV module installation.

Sarcos' proof-of-concept robotic system features an autonomous working vehicle equipped with the Guardian XM robotic arm, working in tandem with an autonomous delivery vehicle.

Using advanced cameras to identify installation locations and employing autonomous lifting and placement capabilities, the solution streamlines the installation process.

With this collaboration, Sarcos Technology and Blattner Company are driving the adoption of advanced robotics in the solar industry.


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