Ocean Crime: Exploring the Dark Side of the Sea

Réunion: Shark Attacks and the Climate Crisis

Discover the shocking story of deadly shark attacks that plagued the island of Réunion in 2011.

Explore the connection between these attacks and the impact of climate change on the island.

This podcast sheds light on the broader issues beyond just shark attacks, offering a unique perspective on the relationship between humans and the ocean.

Uncovering the Secrets of Shipwrecks

Embark on a journey through history as Ship Hit the Fan podcast explores the dark side of shipwrecks and marine disasters.

Learn about the battles with raging waters and the intriguing stories hidden beneath the ocean's surface.

With a perfect blend of dark tales and a light tone, this podcast is a must-listen for maritime enthusiasts.

Outlaw Ocean: Murder, Slavery, and Environmental Crimes

Prepare to be captivated by the Outlaw Ocean podcast, which exposes real instances of murder, modern slave labor, and environmental crimes at sea.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Ian Urbina takes listeners on a journey through the lawless side of the ocean, sharing stories documented during his years-long investigation.

This eye-opening podcast provides a close look at some of the darkest events unfolding in the aquatic wild west.

The Dark Side of Beach Paradises

Paradise podcast delves into a horrifying incident off the coast of Central America in 1978, uncovering the dark side of beach paradises.

Explore the shocking crime committed by Silas Duane Boston and the delayed pursuit of justice.

This salt-crusted true-crime show will send shivers down your spine as it reveals the hold-ups in solving crimes.

Unmasking the Truth Behind Nautical Disasters

The Secret History of the Estonia challenges the official report on the sinking of the cruise ferry MS Estonia in 1994.

Join journalist Stephen Davis as he explores the theory of a targeted attack by a Russian submarine.

Survivors share their doubts and terrifying details, making this podcast a must-listen for conspiracy theory enthusiasts.

Into the Depths: Uncovering Underwater History

Dive into the historical reckoning with Into the Depths podcast as National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts joins a team of Black scuba divers in search of sunken slave ships.

Uncover the stories of enslaved Africans lost at sea and meet divers, marine archaeologists, descendants, and historians.

This powerful podcast gives a voice to the lost and offers a unique exploration of the underwater history of the Middle Passage.


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