🛰 Fire in the Sky 🛰

5 Mind Blowing Nebulas for your viewing pleasure

1. Helix

2. Pillars of Creation

3. Horsehead

Horsehead Nebula

4. Butterfly

Butterfly Nebula

5. Crab



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They're definitely beautiful - I actually use photos similar to these as my mobile wallpaper. Primarily because I prefer a dark background and I love the play on colors. I'm glad to know now the names of some of them. I just used to say "Oh wow, this looks cool." "Oh no, this one looks cooler!" Hahaha, horsehead is my favorite one here.

These are all so such stunning images!!! I just love how nature imitates itself on so many different levels. For example the helix definitely looks like it could be someone’s iris and the butterfly is so spot on to the beautiful insect we see on earth. I could look at space images all day!!!

I second that motion, I love looking at space images! I browse through a lot of them from time to time as I use them as mobile wallpapers.

These photos makes me want to go back in time to my freshman year Astronomy class and do more than just the bare minimum to pass the class. Ha! I often reflect on how big and vast the universe is -- truly beyond our comprehension or imagination. Absolutely magnificent!

Hindsight definitely is 20/20, no? Haha! I am on the same boat, I wish I paid more attention to my classes. But at least we can recall these being discussed in class. :-)

I know these are amazing and beautiful but I also find them a bit creepy. Ha, its like a virus zoomed in many times. The butterfly one reminds me of an angel so I would have to say that one is my favorite.

That's one way to put it. I never thought about it that way! The crab is the least favorite of mine here and it looks creepy the longer I look at it.

These photos are so beautiful. Of course, my favorite is the butterfly. The colors are so vibrant I could look at them all night. The Helix is also magnificent.
I was never a big student of science, but I always enjoyed studying Astronomy. I find it so Interesting. We are really just a small part of this big universe.

How marvelous! Thank you for highlighting these. We are but a blip on the radar of this expansive universe!

I just found out that you can see nebulas with a telescope. In fact, some of the most famous and well-studied nebulas in our universe, like the Orion Nebula, are visible to the naked eye. Telescopes just allow us to see them in greater detail. Nebulas are large clouds of dust and gas in space, and they often form around star clusters or areas of active star formation. Many nebulas are incredibly colorful and beautiful, because they contain young stars that emit lots of ultraviolet light. This light interacts with the nebula's gas and dust, causing it to glow.

Surely it's not just any telescope because my nephew has a telescope and I'm pretty sure its not the type that can see nebulas! Haha, I would love to see this first hand though. Perhaps in a space observatory of sorts.

Ok, I take it back-these are the best backgrounds I didn't know I needed for my desktop!

WOW. How amazing that these nebulas not only exist but could be captured for all of us to experience. The Helix has me completely mesmerized...a giant eye watching over us all. Mind-blowing.