Hubble searches for intermediate black holes, South Korea launches commercial satellite

Hubble Searches for Intermediate Black Holes

The Hubble Space Telescope is being used to search for intermediate black holes.

These black holes are difficult to spot as their effects on stars are more modest compared to supermassive black holes.

Researchers used data from Gaia, a 3D map of stars in the Milky Way, to provide information on globular clusters.

Researchers are not entirely sure that they have found an intermediate black hole, but it is a possibility.

The research is published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

South Korea Launches Nuri Rocket for Commercial Customers

South Korea launched its homegrown Nuri rocket, carrying eight satellites, demonstrating its capability to launch for commercial customers.

One of the birds is named 'Next Generation Small Satellite No. 2' – aka NEXTSat-2 – and was built locally to resemble the kind of commercial payload KARI aspires to launch for cash.

All bar one of the satellites has performed as expected.

South Korea is the eleventh nation to become capable of building and flying its own vehicle capable of launching satellites.

Three further Nuri launches are planned between now and 2027.


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