EPROM's Syntheism Robotics: Blending Music and Robotics for a Captivating Experience

EPROM's Thriving Experimentation

EPROM, the electronic music producer, embraces new technology as an opportunity for experimentation.

He enjoys uncovering how technology works and is constantly looking for new techniques.

In addition to music, EPROM is involved in technological pursuits like graphics and 3D software.

His latest live show concept, Syntheism Robotics, combines his beliefs in human creations with robotics.

The show features robotic camera arms holding LED screens that move in sync with EPROM's music.

Integration of Robotics in Live Shows

EPROM collaborated with Motorized Precision, a robotics and cinematography company, to integrate robotic camera arms into his live set.

The arms, holding LED screens, move in time with EPROM's music during his performances.

The robots add an impressive visual element, syncing with stage lighting and imagery on a larger screen.

The motion and spectacle of the robots enhance the overall visual experience of the show.

Visuals have always been crucial to EPROM's project, and the integration of robotics further explores his relationship with visual technology.

Designing Robot Movements with MP Studio

EPROM designed all the robot movements using Motorized Precision's custom software, MP Studio.

The moves are preprogrammed and perfectly aligned with EPROM's music.

MP Studio's timeline-based software allowed EPROM to create 90 minutes worth of moves in a month and a half.

The robots have sub-millimeter accuracy and can move over six meters per second, offering immense speed and flexibility.

This innovative approach to designing robot movements adds a touch of magic to EPROM's live show.

Controlling Robots with Max4Live and MIDI

EPROM uses a custom Max4Live patch to control the robots via MIDI notes.

The patch listens for MIDI notes on a specific channel and formats a message with the encoded note as a move ID.

This ensures the robot moves run on time at the beginning of each song that requires them.

One MIDI note queues the next move, while another launches the move.

EPROM's experimentation with robotics has led to new musical techniques, incorporating the sounds of the robots into his productions.

Innovation and Experimentation in EPROM's Live Show

EPROM's Syntheism Robotics show is a testament to his innovation and experimentation in electronic music performance.

He joins the ranks of artists like Amon Tobin, deadmau5, and Daft Punk in embracing new technology to enhance their shows.

EPROM's show combines new technology, robotics, and a sprinkle of fantasy to create a unique and captivating experience for the audience.

His reverence for human creations and his visual-oriented nature contribute to the overall concept and design of the show.

Tickets for EPROM's Syntheism Robotics show are available now for fans to immerse themselves in this fantastical musical journey.


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