Poll shows majority of Americans prioritize asteroid monitoring and climate research for NASA

A recent poll by Pew Research Center reveals that only 12% of Americans believe that sending astronauts to the moon or Mars should be a top priority for NASA.

Instead, 60% of respondents think that asteroid monitoring should be a top priority, while 50% believe that NASA should focus on monitoring Earth's climate.

Interestingly, Congress plans to allocate more funding for NASA's Artemis program and related missions, which includes sending humans back to the moon.

Despite this discrepancy, 65% of Americans still believe that NASA should play a key role in space exploration, even as private companies become more involved.

James Webb Space Telescope discovers complex carbon molecules from the early universe

The James Webb Space Telescope has made a fascinating discovery, detecting complex carbon molecules that date back to when the universe was just 5% of its current age.

This finding provides valuable insight into the early evolution of the universe and its connection to the present day.

Furthermore, this discovery raises intriguing questions about the speed and timing of star formation in early galaxies.

Researchers used the JWST's advanced instruments to analyze light from distant sources and identified an ultraviolet light attenuation 'bump' associated with complex carbon-based dust grains.


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