Shida Shahabi: Exploring the Intersection of Music and Nature

Shida Shahabi's Musical Influences

Shida Shahabi draws inspiration from Persian pop music, classical composers, and Western bands she discovered on MTV.

Her slow-moving and tender compositions create a tranquil listening experience for her audience.

Check out her latest album 'Living Circle' and previous albums 'Homes' and 'Shifts' to explore her unique sound.

The Connection Between Music and Nurturing Plants

Shida Shahabi finds parallels between making music and nurturing plants, both involving directness and creating a deeper focus.

Music and plant care both involve a connection to objects and materials, witnessing growth and development.

Discover the fascinating intersection of art and nature in Shahabi's creative process.

Getting into the Right Headspace for Music Creation

Shida Shahabi emphasizes simple routines and repetition to get into the right headspace for creating music.

Rest, movement practices, proper meals, and determination contribute to her creative process.

Her commitment to maintaining these routines helps her channel energy into composing captivating melodies.

Shida Shahabi's deep connection to music led her to realize her devotion and passion during her university studies.

She embraced the challenges and rewards of a career in music, inspiring others through her dedication.

Follow Shahabi's journey and embrace opportunities for personal and artistic growth.

Upcoming Projects and Future Plans

Shida Shahabi is preparing for shows in Scandinavia, a UK tour in October, and finding time to write new music.

Experience her enchanting compositions live and anticipate the release of new music.

Stay tuned for updates on her upcoming projects and future plans.


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