Ringo Starr Gushes About Final Beatles Song Completed Using AI

Ringo Starr Praises 'Beautiful' and 'Moving' Final Beatles Song

Ringo Starr praises the upcoming 'last' Beatles song, describing it as beautiful and moving.

The track was completed using AI technology, with Paul McCartney utilizing it to finish the song.

Authentic recordings of John Lennon and George Harrison were incorporated into the song.

Ringo emphasizes that the song isn't pretending to be anything, as it features the actual voices and instruments of the band members.

The new song is considered the last track by the Beatles.

The Origins of the Song and McCartney's Motivation

The new song was a project that the Beatles attempted to create in the 1990s using fragments of songs written by John Lennon.

Paul McCartney's recent decision to revisit the track prompted Ringo Starr's involvement.

Ringo humorously suggests that Paul must have had a slow day to bring up working on the song again.

The song holds sentimental value for Ringo, as it represents the four band members being together one last time.

Controversial Use of AI Technology

The use of AI technology in completing the song has generated mixed reactions from fans.

Some fans speculate that the song in question is the unreleased 1978 track 'Now and Then'.

Paul McCartney clarifies that nothing artificial or synthetic was created for the song.

The technology was used to extract John Lennon's vocals from an old demo track.

The cleaning up of existing recordings is a process that has been ongoing for years.

Assurances from McCartney and Anticipation for the Release

Paul McCartney assures fans that the forthcoming Beatles project is authentic and real.

He expresses excitement about sharing the project with fans later in the year.

McCartney acknowledges the confusion and speculation surrounding the project but emphasizes that no guesswork is involved.

Fans can expect more news about the project in due course.


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