Rapsody, LeToya Luckett & More Celebrate Women in Hip Hop at D’USSE Day Party in Houston

D’USSE Day Party: A Curated Experience

D’USSÉ Cognac hosted its annual D’USSE Day Party in Houston, treating guests to a curated experience.

The event included specialty cocktails and more, making everyone happy.

Rapsody, a GRAMMY-nominated Roc Nation rapper, kicked off Saturday as the official Day Party Houston host.

Local guests enjoyed the D’USSE takeover and had a great time.

The event was part of D’USSÉ Cognac’s celebration of women in hip hop for the genre’s 50th anniversary.

Houston: A Hub for Hip Hop

The D’USSE Day Party in Houston was a huge success.

The city, known for its contributions to hip hop, hosted the event.

The celebration brought together people to enjoy music and have a great time.

Houston proved once again to be a vibrant and lively city for hip hop events.

The D’USSE Day Party was a testament to the city's love for the genre.

A Variety of Drinks to Choose From

Guests at the D’USSE Day Party had a variety of options to choose from.

The event featured specialty cocktails and attendees could pick their favorite drinks.

With a wide selection of options, everyone found their poison of choice.

The drinks added to the overall festive atmosphere of the party.

Guests enjoyed trying out different flavors and enjoying the unique offerings.

Toasting to the Festivities

The D’USSE Day Party was not just about music, but also about the drinks.

Bottles of D’USSE Cognac were brought out for everyone to enjoy.

The spirits added to the celebratory atmosphere of the event.

Guests raised their glasses and toasted to the festivities.

Drinks flowed freely as the party continued into the night.

Rapsody's Electrifying Performance

Rapsody, the GRAMMY-nominated Roc Nation rapper, gave an electrifying performance.

She wowed the crowd with her fan-favorite tracks and freestyles.

The audience was captivated by her talent and stage presence.

Rapsody's performance was a highlight of the event.

Fans were left excited for her upcoming music releases later this year.

Celebrity Presence at the D’USSE Day Party

The D’USSE Day Party in Houston attracted various celebrities and artists.

LeToya Luckett, widely known for her role in Destiny’s Child, made a special appearance.

The event brought together industry darlings to celebrate women in hip hop.

It was a night filled with talent and camaraderie.

The presence of these artists added to the overall excitement and energy of the party.


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