Nas and Hennessy Launch HenNASsy, Sprite and BET Celebrate Hip-Hop's Legacy

Nas and Hennessy Launch Limited-Edition Bottle to Mark 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop

Hip-hop legend Nas has teamed up with Hennessy to release HenNASsy, a limited-edition bottle celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

Nas, who has been referencing Hennessy since his debut album, has been working closely with the cognac brand for over a decade.

The HenNASsy V.S. bottle features a label adorned with Nas's image, paying homage to his long-standing relationship with the brand.

In addition to the bottle, Hennessy will launch the Hennessy AI.bum Covers project, allowing fans to transform their selfies into album covers.

To further commemorate hip-hop's official birthday, Hennessy will host celebrations across the US on August 11.

Nas on His Long-Term Relationship with Hennessy

Nas shares his deep connection with Hennessy, having immersed himself in its history, visited the chateau, and explored different expressions of the Cognac category.

He appreciates that Hennessy reciprocates the love shown by the hip-hop community and believes the brand has been genuine in its partnership with him.

Nas offers advice to up-and-coming artists, encouraging them to audit their record companies, stay true to their passions, and consume alcohol responsibly and legally.

Representing a mature perspective, Nas strives to infuse positivity into everything he does.

Sprite and BET Celebrate Hip-Hop's Legacy

Sprite, a long-time supporter of hip-hop, continues its dedication to the genre by collaborating with BET on a new campaign honoring its legacy.

The campaign features hip-hop artists Smino and Glorilla discussing the pivotal moments that ignited their love for hip-hop.

Smino credits Busta Rhymes, the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award, for inspiring his creativity as an artist.

Glorilla reflects on how the influential Memphis group Three 6 Mafia sparked her interest in hip-hop.

Sprite and BET's joint campaign aims to celebrate the enduring impact of hip-hop on pop culture.


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