Les McCann: Live Recording at the Village Gate in New York

Live Recording at the Village Gate

Les McCann and his band, Les McCann Ltd., recorded a live album at the Village Gate in New York City on December 28, 1961. The album captures the energy and excitement of their performance, showcasing McCann's skills as a pianist and bandleader.

The live setting allows for spontaneous improvisation and interaction between the musicians, creating a dynamic listening experience. The recording features six tracks, including the lively and energetic "Chip Monck" and the soulful ballad "Fayth, You're...". Listeners can feel the vibrant atmosphere of the Village Gate and imagine themselves being part of the audience.

Tracklist and Bonuses

The album includes six tracks recorded live at the Village Gate, each highlighting different aspects of McCann's musical style. Some of the standout tracks include the Latin-infused "Cha-Cha Twist" and the introspective and contemplative "A Little 3/4 For God & Co.".

In addition to the live tracks, the album also includes three bonus tracks recorded at Pacific Jazz Studios in Hollywood, CA in late 1960. These bonus tracks feature the talented Curtis Amy on tenor saxophone and Bobby Hutcherson on vibraphone. The inclusion of these bonus tracks adds variety and depth to the overall listening experience.

Talented Personnel

Les McCann is joined by a talented group of musicians on this recording. Herbie Lewis provides solid bass lines, while Ron Jefferson keeps the rhythm steady on drums. The live tracks also feature Blue Mitchell on trumpet, Stanley Turrentine on tenor saxophone, and Frank Haynes on tenor saxophone.

The bonus tracks showcase the skills of Curtis Amy on tenor saxophone and Bobby Hutcherson on vibraphone. Richard Bock serves as the producer, ensuring that the recording captures the essence of McCann's live performance.


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