Hennessy Collaborates with Nas for Limited Hip-Hop 50 “HenNASsy” Bottle and El Paso, Elsewhere Promises a Hip-Hop Remix of Max Payne

Hennessy and Nas Join Forces for Limited-Edition “HenNASsy” Bottle

Hennessy and Nas have collaborated to create a limited-edition ‘HenNASsy’ bottle in honor of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary.

This special project holds great significance for Nas, as he has been supported by the cognac brand for over a decade.

The new bottle will be unveiled on July 20, accompanied by an exclusive digital mapping event.

The partnership between Hennessy and Hip-Hop is not new, as it has been prominently featured in numerous songs and music videos over the years.

El Paso, Elsewhere to Deliver Hip-Hop Remix of Max Payne

El Paso, Elsewhere has promised to deliver a distinctive hip-hop remix of Max Payne, adding an exciting twist to the popular game.

The Steam Next Fest demo, which showcases the hip-hop remix, has garnered positive feedback and praise from gamers.

The game cleverly remixes familiar elements, similar to how sampling is done in hip-hop music, creating a unique gaming experience.

With its pulsing soundtrack, the game exudes a vibrant energy that captures the essence of hip-hop culture.


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