BTS Jimin Receives Surprise Gift From Ryan Gosling After Copying His Look

Ryan Gosling Admits to Copying Jimin's Outfit

Ryan Gosling confesses to unintentionally copying Jimin's outfit from the 'Permission to Dance' music video for his role as Ken in the movie 'Barbie.'

Gosling believes in an 'unspoken Ken code,' where if someone copies another Ken's style, they should offer their most prized possession as a humble offering.

As a gesture of admiration, Gosling presents Jimin with Ken's guitar, noting that Ken doesn't really play it anyway.

It remains unclear whether Jimin has accepted the gift or received the guitar at this time.

Fans Excited by Ryan Gosling's Gesture

Fans express their thrill and happiness on Twitter regarding Ryan Gosling's kind gesture towards Jimin.

The anticipation grows as they eagerly await Jimin's reaction upon receiving Ken's guitar.

One fan imagines the joy Jimin will feel when he sees that the actor from his favorite movie has gifted him the guitar.

Another fan shares that they were inspired to watch 'Barbie' after seeing Gosling's video.

References (July 20, 2023). BTS Jimin Receives a Special Gift From ‘Barbie’ Star Ryan Gosling After Accidentally Copying His Look.

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