Black History 101 Mobile Museum, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival Celebrate 50 Years of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop Culture Showcased in Black History 101 Mobile Museum Exhibit

The Black History 101 Mobile Museum is on a national tour highlighting 50 Years of Hip Hop culture.

The exhibit educates and informs the public about African-American history.

The exhibit consists of a tabletop display set on 10 tables, showcasing over 150 original artifacts.

The exhibit is suitable for people middle school age and up.

African-American related artifacts throughout history are a part of the exhibit, including the civil rights movement.

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival's 'Hip-Hop 50th Anniversary Weekend'

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival's 'Hip-Hop 50th Anniversary Weekend' will feature performances by Digable Planets and Kari Faux, as well as a screening of the film Brown Sugar.

Night one (8/11) with feature Brooklyn rap greats Digable Planets and Little Rock rapper/singer Kari Faux, and night 2 (8/12) will have a screening of 2002 film Brown Sugar which features Queen Latifah and Mos Def.

Both nights are doors at 6 PM and show at 7 PM.

Digable Planets also have a September tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their 1993 debut Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space).

Kari released her great new album, REAL B*TCHES DON'T DIE!, in May.

Hip-Hop's Influence on Pop Culture Phenomena

Hip-hop has become a global phenomenon and has influenced music across genres.

Hip-hop fashion trends, such as oversized clothing and sneakers, continue to be popular.

Hip-hop dance styles, such as breakdancing, have influenced pop culture, television, and movies.

Hip-hop language and slang have become a part of everyday speech.

Hip-hop has had a profound impact on celebrity culture and continues to shape popular culture.

Hollywood Updates: Hip-Hop in Film

Hip-hop has had a significant impact on the film industry.

Hip-hop soundtracks have become a standard for movies about urban culture.

Hip-hop artists have transitioned into acting, with many becoming successful actors and actresses.

Hip-hop documentaries, such as 'Hip-Hop Evolution' and 'The Defiant Ones', have been critically acclaimed.

Hip-hop continues to inspire filmmakers and is a vital part of the film industry.

Film Reviews: Hip-Hop Movies

Hip-hop has been the subject of many movies.

Some of the most iconic hip-hop movies include 'Boyz n the Hood', 'Juice', and '8 Mile'.

Hip-hop movies have become a genre of their own, with films like 'Straight Outta Compton' and 'Hustle & Flow' receiving critical acclaim.

Hip-hop movies provide a window into the culture and struggles of urban communities.

Hip-hop movies continue to be a relevant and important part of the film industry.

Celebrity Culture and Hip-Hop

Hip-hop has had a significant impact on celebrity culture.

Hip-hop artists have become some of the most influential celebrities of our time.

Hip-hop fashion and style have influenced celebrity culture across the board.

Hip-hop has been a platform for artists to speak out on social and political issues.

Hip-hop continues to shape celebrity culture and remains a vital force in the entertainment industry.


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