🚀 A Man on a Mission 🚀

Martial arts are ingrained into the identity and culture of China. Xu has put himself in the crosshairs of the government after exposing the mystique and training systems rooted in Chinese culture.

Xu Xiaodong is a Chinese MMA fighter who has taken it upon himself to challenge self-proclaimed masters in China. His mission is to expose the fraudulent claims and hypocrisy of "tai chi" masters, a tradition rooted in the Chinese identity that he feels has been untested until now. 

xu xiaodong

He has helped people realize that many proclaim the "supernatural" abilities are not steeped in reality and don't have practical application in self-defense. This mission has not gone without consequence, as the Chinese government has heavily fined him for calling a grandmaster a "fraud."


🙌🏼 Mission Successful 🙌🏼

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