☕️ Coffee: Filtered or Unfiltered?

You might want to reconsider how often you use your French Press.

A daily ritual for most

64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day.

Over the past 20 years

508,747 men and women aged 20–79 participated in a Norwegian cardiovascular study

To study coffee's effect on cardiovascular health

The study concluded unfiltered coffee leads to higher mortality than filtered coffee.

☕️ And filtered brew ☕️

Is associated with lower mortality than no coffee consumption at all.

So if you're using a French Press

🤨 You might want to start rotating with drip filter 🤨

_Bottom Line_

☕️ Filtered coffee is better than no coffee. ☕️

☠️ Unfiltered coffee increases the mortality rate. ☠️


Tverdal, A., Selmer, R.,Cohen, J., Thelle, D.. (2020). Coffee consumption and mortality from cardiovascular diseases and total mortality: Does the brewing method matter?. European Society of Cardiology.

This is devastating news (…and it’ll be devastating to my household  to deal with me if I switch to drip coffee) because I specifically bought a french press years ago to master the art of making a Cafe Cubano (I think I mastered it too😉) and It’s been giving me LIFE in the mornings! Now this article is saying it’s taking away my life.😩  I read the study, and it said that unfiltered coffee has higher amounts of cholesterol raising phytochemicals called diterpenes than filtered coffee. I mean...I value my life.  I also value my mornings. Decisions.

Super interesting - would love to see more research on the various ways we make coffee. -

Wow, these are interesting results! I loved learning about this Norwegian cardiovascular study on the effects of unfiltered coffee. I used to drink it a lot, so it is quite scary to read the bottom line that unfiltered coffee increases the mortality rate. Luckily I was able to break the habit and use my Keurig now.