How Triangulation in Relationships Reveals Narcissistic Tendencies

Understanding Triangulation in Romantic Relationships

Triangulation in romantic relationships involves one partner using a third party to gain power and control.

Narcissists and those with narcissistic tendencies often employ this manipulative tactic.

By involving someone else, the manipulative partner can manipulate the dynamic in their favor.

This behavior creates confusion, misunderstanding, and emotional distress for both individuals.

The result is an imbalance of power and control, causing feelings of exclusion or alliance.

The Role of Triangulation in Narcissistic Behavior

Triangulation is a common strategy used by narcissists to fulfill their desires.

By convincing a third person to side with them, they boost their sense of righteousness.

Narcissists employ triangulation to wield power, distract from their behaviors, isolate others, and boost their ego.

They often disregard the impact of their actions on others, focusing solely on their own validation.

This tactic is prevalent among individuals with narcissistic tendencies.

Recognizing Signs of Triangulation in Your Partner

If your partner consistently involves others in your relationship problems instead of addressing them directly, it may be a sign of triangulation.

They may seek out third parties to discuss the relationship, avoiding direct communication with you.

Another red flag is when your partner has private conversations about you with others, attempting to isolate you.

Engaging in gaslighting, using others' opinions to invalidate your feelings and perceptions, is also a common tactic.

Triangulation is a form of ongoing psychological abuse known as narcissistic abuse.

Dealing with Triangulation in a Relationship

When facing triangulation, it is crucial to maintain control over your own words and actions.

Establish clear boundaries between yourself, your partner, and the third party involved.

Avoid engaging in arguments with the third party or explaining the situation to them, as it may perpetuate the manipulation.

Seeking assistance from a therapist experienced in dealing with narcissistic behavior can be beneficial.

Additionally, prioritize your mental health by engaging in activities you enjoy and maintaining a strong support network.


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