How to Alleviate Brain Freeze Instantly

Understanding the Causes of Brain Freeze

Brain freeze, also known as ice cream headache or cold stimulus headache, is a quick, short-lasting pain over the front or sides of the head that is triggered by cold foods or drinks.

The exact cause of brain freeze is not fully understood, but it is believed to be a result of the rapid tightening and expansion of blood vessels.

One hypothesis suggests that the sudden exposure to cold triggers vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation, activating pain receptors within the blood vessel walls.

Fortunately, brain freeze is more uncomfortable than dangerous and typically dissipates within minutes.

Individuals who suffer from migraine headaches may be more susceptible to brain freeze.

Tips to Stop Brain Freeze

To limit the severity of brain freeze and stop it quickly, it is recommended to consume cold foods and drinks slowly.

Consuming a large volume of cold liquid or a large cold food item can lead to intense brain freeze.

Holding the substance in the front of the mouth for a few seconds to warm it up before swallowing can help prevent brain freeze.

Swapping ice water for room temperature water can also reduce the likelihood of experiencing brain freeze.

If brain freeze still occurs, pressing the tongue or thumb to the roof of the mouth can help alleviate the pain.


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