Herself Health: Revolutionizing Primary Care for Aging Women

Addressing the Unique Health Needs of Aging Women

Herself Health focuses on the specific health challenges faced by aging women, such as osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, and Alzheimer's. By providing preventative care, chronic condition care, acute care, and wellness services, the company aims to improve vitality and independence.

According to Kristen Helton, CEO of Herself Health, women's health throughout their lives is crucial. The startup offers virtual follow-up visits to ensure continuity of care.

Herself Health aims to enhance the quality of life for aging women by providing comprehensive care that goes beyond fertility and maternity. The company recognizes the importance of addressing the unique health needs of this population.

By prioritizing women's health, Herself Health empowers aging women to live independently and maintain their vitality.

Through its comprehensive approach, Herself Health distinguishes itself from primary care companies that lack a specific emphasis on women's healthcare needs.

Securing $26 Million in Series A Financing

Herself Health recently secured $26 million in Series A financing led by Michael Cline, founding managing partner of Accretive, and participation from Juxtapose. The funding will support the company's expansion plans.

With a total funding of $33 million, Herself Health plans to open two more clinics in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in 2023 and enter a new market in 2024. The company also aims to expand its virtual care services and hire additional medical professionals.

Investors are attracted to Herself Health due to its focus on improving care for an underserved population. The company's differentiated primary care services have the potential to transform healthcare for women aged 65 and older.

Expanding Services and Pursuing a Value-Based Care Model

With the newly secured funding, Herself Health plans to expand its services by opening more clinics, growing virtual care offerings, and engaging with the community. The company also intends to hire additional medical staff to meet the needs of its growing patient population.

Currently, Herself Health generates revenue through contracts with Medicare plans and is exploring partnerships with Medicare Advantage plans. The company plans to transition from a fee-for-service model to a value-based care model in the future to improve patient outcomes and overall care quality.

By expanding services and embracing a value-based care model, Herself Health aims to become a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare for aging women. Its commitment to addressing unique health needs sets it apart from other primary care companies in the market.

Herself Health seeks to revolutionize healthcare for women aged 65 and older by offering tailored primary care services. The company's approach aims to enhance overall health and wellness in this population.

Investors like Michael Cline recognize the potential of Herself Health to transform healthcare for aging women. The company's focus on women's health throughout their lives empowers them to live independently and improve vitality.

While primary care companies like Oak Street Health and ChenMed lack a specific emphasis on women's healthcare needs, Herself Health positions itself as a leader in the field of women's primary healthcare. Its expansion plans and commitment to comprehensive care set it apart.

Herself Health aims to start a conversation about the unique needs of aging women, fundamentally changing their healthcare experience.


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