💤 A Snoring Workout? 💤

By toning your throat muscles and soft palate, you increase airflow and sleep better at night.

One of the easiest things that everyone can do to sound better and sleep better is to strengthen and tone the upper throat muscles. 

Weak and lazy oropharynx muscles are often responsible for disrupting airflow and loud snoring by allowing the tube to collapse. 

This blocks the airway at night and you stop getting the air your body needs. 

The good news is that it's fun and easy to start working these muscles out, like any other muscle in the body with three easy options that are scientifically backed. 

Here are several ways to train the muscles to reduce snoring. 

1. Circular breathing with the didgeridoo

man playing didgeridoo

2. Singing so the world can hear

woman singing

3. Playing a wind instrument

man playing saxaphone


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