Brightseed Forms Coalition to Promote Bioactives in Food and Health Industries

Formation of Bioactives Coalition to Promote Science-Backed Compounds

Brightseed announces the formation of the 'Bioactives Coalition' to advance education and advocacy of science-backed bioactive compounds in the food and health industries.

The coalition aims to establish a consensus on the role of bioactives in dietary guidelines and regulatory frameworks.

Bioactives are crucial for proactive and preventative health, filling a missing component in the food system.

With available tools and research momentum, bioactives can be integrated into nutrition and modern medical education.

The coalition facilitates interactions among leaders championing bioactive adoption.

Renowned Experts Join the Bioactives Coalition

Brightseed's Bioactives Coalition includes world-renowned researchers and experts in agriculture, food, and health.

The coalition members consist of nutritional biochemists, functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, and food system directors.

Their expertise will contribute to educating on scientific evidence, research advancements, and key perspectives regarding bioactive use and regulation.

Notable members include Jed W. Fahey, Mark Hyman, Taylor C. Wallace, Katie Stebbins, Ashlie Burkhart, Chef Robert E. Graham, and Jennifer Kelly.

Their collective knowledge will drive the adoption of bioactives into dietary guidelines.

Bioactives: The 'Dark Matter' of Nutrition

Bioactive compounds in plants and natural sources are critical to human health.

Understanding their direct impact on human biology has been challenging, earning them the nickname 'dark matter' of nutrition.

Advancements in clinical evidence and AI-enabled research are shedding light on the benefits of bioactives for industry and consumer health.

A recent North American guideline for flavan-3-ols, co-authored by coalition member Dr. Taylor Wallace, serves as a framework for future bioactives recommendations.

This highlights the accelerated pace of new health insights and expanded bioactive sources.

Brightseed Symposium and Poster Presentation

Brightseed's symposium at the Nutrition 2023 conference will focus on the role of bioactives in human health and the challenges in understanding their dietary value.

The symposium will feature speaker presentations, a panel discussion, and a Q&A session with academics, government officials, and industry leaders.

In addition, Brightseed will present a poster titled 'Nutrient Composition Analysis of Multiple Batches of Hemp Hulls to Help Leverage Their Commercial Potential for Unique Delivery of Dietary Fiber and Bioactives'.

This presentation highlights the company's research efforts in exploring the commercial potential of bioactive-rich hemp hulls.

The symposium and poster aim to further promote the adoption and understanding of bioactives in the food and health industries.

Advancing Bioactives for Better Health

Brightseed's Bioactives Coalition signifies a significant step in advancing science-backed bioactive compounds.

By educating consumers, policymakers, and industry leaders, the coalition aims to integrate bioactives into dietary guidelines and regulatory frameworks.

Renowned experts in nutrition, functional medicine, and food systems will contribute to this mission.

With growing scientific evidence and technological advancements, bioactives can become an essential part of proactive and preventative health.

The symposium and poster presentation at the Nutrition 2023 conference will illuminate the role of bioactives and facilitate discussions on their adoption.

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Press Release. (July 19, 2023). Brightseed Announces Formation of Coalition to Champion the Adoption of Bioactives in Food and Health Industries.

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