Bodybuilding Icon Ronnie Coleman Shares Chest Workout Tips with YouTuber

YouTuber Jessie James West Recruits Ronnie Coleman for Chest Workout

In a recent video, fitness influencer Jessie James West teams up with bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman for his competition preparation.

West joins Coleman at the gym where he has been training for over three decades to learn from his expertise.

Under Coleman's guidance, West performs a high-volume chest workout that includes various bench press exercises.

Coleman's goal for West is to achieve a substantial pump in his pecs through intense and focused training.

Throughout the workout, Coleman imparts his wisdom and advice to West, offering tips on how to get competition-ready.

Coleman's Advice on Preparation and Training

With West's competition just a week away, Coleman suggests transitioning to lighter weights to prevent excessive strain on the muscles.

Additionally, Coleman emphasizes the importance of consuming sufficient protein for muscle recovery and growth during the preparation phase.

While Coleman doesn't meticulously track his macros, he has always focused on monitoring his protein and carbohydrate intake.

Despite his age and numerous accomplishments, Coleman maintains a deep passion for bodybuilding and considers it his favorite pursuit.

He continues to dedicate 45 minutes every day to intense workouts, ensuring each session is of high quality.

Coleman's Dedication to Bodybuilding

When asked about his enduring passion for bodybuilding, Coleman immediately expresses his love for the sport.

He believes that having such passion makes it feel like he never has to work a day in his life.

Even after all these years, Coleman remains committed to training and plans to continue doing so indefinitely.

In a lighthearted manner, he jokes that he might even end up 'dying at the gym.'

Coleman's dedication and enthusiasm for bodybuilding remain unwavering, inspiring others in the fitness community.

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