Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Advocates for Bitcoin and Opposes CBDCs

RFK Jr. Clarifies Vaccine Stance & Criticizes Mainstream Media

RFK Jr. clarifies that he is not an anti-vaxxer and supports safe vaccines and robust science.

He criticizes mainstream media for mischaracterizing and distorting his positions.

Elon Musk supported Kennedy's challenge to scientist Peter Hotez for a vaccine debate.

RFK Jr. Supports Bitcoin as an Exercise in Democracy

RFK Jr. vows to maintain policies that support the freedom to transact with Bitcoin.

He believes that Bitcoin is an exercise in democracy and opposes CBDCs, which he calls instruments of control and oppression.

He expressed concerns that CBDCs could result in “financial slavery” and “political tyranny”.

RFK Jr. Criticizes SEC for Its Crackdown on Crypto Industry

RFK Jr. criticizes the SEC for its recent crackdown on the crypto industry.

He advocates for crypto-friendly commissioners who can bring transparency to the industry.

He believes that the SEC’s actions are obscure, not transparent, and not bringing transparency to the system.

RFK Jr. May Pose a Challenge to Biden in 2024 Presidential Race

Recent polls show RFK Jr. emerging as a frontrunner against incumbent President Joe Biden.

He may pose a challenge to Biden's favorability in the 2024 presidential race.

RFK Jr.'s stance on Bitcoin and CBDCs may appeal to crypto enthusiasts who value freedom and decentralization.

Final Thoughts on RFK Jr.'s Heroic Stance Against CBDCs

RFK Jr.'s support for Bitcoin and opposition to CBDCs highlights his heroism in fighting for freedom and democracy.

His clarifications on his vaccine stance show his commitment to justice and science.

His potential challenge to Biden in 2024 shows his willingness to take on establishment politics.


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