Biden Administration Seeks to Balance Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

AI's Impact on Human Rights

Resurrection AI is being used to bring people back to life and voice opinions they never actually held.

Questions are arising about the ethics of commercializing a resurrected image and how to protect post-mortem rights.

The use of AI to blend experiences of past, present, and future raises questions about how we use images and audio of people.

Legislation to protect human rights infringed by resurrection AI is far from clear.

The Biden administration is seeking input on how to mitigate national security risks and environmental impacts of AI systems.

Biden Administration's Interest in AI

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is requesting public comment on national priorities for AI.

The administration seeks to shape the development and adoption of AI technologies and to enable the US to harness its benefits.

The Request for Information seeks input on how to protect people's rights, safety, and national security while advancing equity and promoting economic growth.

The federal government is seeking a cohesive National AI Strategy and will consider public input in its development.

Congress is also showing interest in AI legislation.

National AI Strategy

The Biden administration is seeking to develop a cohesive National AI Strategy.

OSTP requests public comment in support of the administration’s efforts to enable the US to harness the benefits of and mitigate the risks of AI.

The Request for Information seeks to understand how the US can harness the benefits of AI systems while mitigating harmful impacts to workers.

The government is seeking input on how to leverage AI in government services and operations.

The goal is to develop a strategy that balances the benefits and risks of AI.

Congressional Interest in AI Legislation

Many Senate and House committees are prioritizing AI.

The Senate will host three Senator-only briefings addressing AI.

The annual National Defense Authorization Act will have several provisions on AI related to the US military.

Congress is seeking to balance the benefits and risks of AI and is considering legislation to address these issues.

The Biden administration is seeking input on AI to inform the federal government’s development of a national AI strategy.


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