7 habits of highly effective people.

According to Covey, the way people viewed success shifted in the 1920s to what Covey calls "personality ethic" (where success is a function of personality, public image, attitudes, and behaviors).

As mentioned, these 7 habits are based on the book by Steven Covey. I am a huge fan of this book, and their is a reason that it has gone on to sell over 25 million copies. 

These 7 habits are divided into Private Victory (habit 1–3) and Public Victory (habit 4–6). 

The last habit, 7, is meant to improve all of those previous habits and sustain their effectiveness.

1. Be Proactive

Proactive people, however, recognize they have responsibility for their lives.

2. Begin with the End in Mind

Envisioning what one wants in the future (a personal mission statement) so one can work and plan towards it.

3. Put First Things First

Prioritize Quadrant II because it is at the heart of effective personal management, addressing things like building relationships, long-term planning, exercising, and preparation.

Decision Matrix

4. Think Win-Win

Commit to creating Win-Win situations that are mutually beneficial and satisfying to each party.

5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Replace autobiographical listening with empathy.

6. Synergize

Value differences - the mental, emotional, and psychological differences between people.

7. Sharpen the Saw

Devote time to your well-being which is classified into four dimensions; Physical, Spiritual, Mental, & Emotional.

Be proactive. Be responsible for your life. No one is coming to help or save you. Be the one that saves/improves your life. Don't wait for handouts or for others to do something. Be the one that starts. Don't stay still, stay active. And always, always make sure the other is also winning. A win-win attitude should be one of the most important aspects in anything, whether life or business. When you're thinking win-win you've already won. Life is better and brighter when you think of the other party and consider how they could win as well as you.

My favorite dance teacher/ 2nd mother used to always tell us to sharpen our saw and even made a funny song up about it lol! In all seriousness , I believe she took that lesson from this book and I’m thankful that I read this article and triggered that memory. I’ve heard so much about this book I think it about time I read it myself.

Yes! I couldn't help but recognize that most of these tenets focus on valuing and prioritizing others. As an adult, one of the most valuable lesson I have learned is that everyone has unique strengths, and just because someone is not doing something the way I would do it (my way), does not make it any less valuable or effective. And in fact, if we just stop and allow ourselves to learn from one another, we may learn that our way does not, in fact, produce the most effective result. Learning to accept and meet people where they are has allowed me to cultivate stronger bonds and relationships, which in turn leads to a more fulfilling experience.

I am also a big fan of Steven Covey. I have read a lot of his books to learn how to manage my time and others' time. As an Executive Assistant, it is essential to be super effective. Being productive and proactive is a large part of my career. Number one stood out to me for that reason. I have to try to get ahead of everything. Not an easy task. I want to focus a bit on the other quadrants. Thank you for sharing this. I will be saving it for reverence.

Quadrant IV really prompted me to look at myself and my "to-do" lists and reconsider how many distractions I'm currently allowing to be a priority. Unfortunately, it's so easy to get caught up doing things that don't contribute to reaching our overall goals. Going to try to use the quadrants to filter through the things I need to do and see where each item falls.

This was a great read. I really enjoyed it. Number 5 stands out to me the most personally. As a manager in my field, empathy is a big part of what I need to do my job effectively. It all comes down to taking the time to get to know the people who surround you.

Thank you for sharing.

Number 5 stands out most to me. Empathy is often a lost trait and especially in digital communication where people can’t see each other, the vitriol spewed at others is astounding. We would do so much better to understand the other person rather than arguing.

I agree with all of these, but 5, 6, and 7 stand out. Seeking to understand is fantastic, because learning from others will take you far. You know what they say about being the smartest person in the room. Valuing other people is not only respectful, but also learning from other people. Taking care of your well being makes you more effective in accomplishing your goals.