US Dominates Crypto Startup Funding in Q2 Despite Regulatory Scrutiny

US-based Crypto Startups Lead in Capital Investments

A recent report by Galaxy Digital reveals that US-based crypto startups received a significant share of interest from venture capital firms in Q2.

US-based crypto startups accounted for over 43% of all completed deals and raised more than 45% of the capital invested by VC firms.

Despite facing regulatory scrutiny in the United States, innovation in the crypto industry has not been halted.

This data suggests that US-based startups continue to be attractive investment opportunities for venture capital firms.

Decline in Total Capital Invested in Crypto and Blockchain Startups

The report highlights that the total amount of capital invested in crypto and blockchain startups continued to decline quarter on quarter.

In Q2 2023, only $720m was raised by 10 new crypto VC funds, the lowest since Q3 2020.

This decline in funding indicates a cautious approach from investors in the crypto industry.

Despite the decline, the report shows that the US remains the dominant market for crypto startup funding.

Web3 Companies Lead in Deals, While Trading Companies Raise More Capital

According to the report, companies in the 'broad Web3 category' had more deals compared to companies in the 'trading category'.

This suggests a growing interest in Web3 technologies and platforms that enable decentralized applications and protocols.

On the other hand, companies in the 'trading category' were able to raise more capital, indicating investor confidence in trading platforms and related services.

Both categories play a significant role in the advancement of the crypto industry.

Regulatory Scrutiny Faced by US Crypto Firms

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken action against several US crypto firms.

In the case against Ripple, the SEC alleged that its native token XRP is a security.

The recent ruling partially favored Ripple, stating that XRP is not a security for retail sales.

These actions by the SEC have raised concerns about the regulatory environment for crypto innovation in the US.

Crypto Exchanges Coinbase and Binance Also Face SEC Action

Coinbase and Binance, two major crypto exchanges, have also faced regulatory action from the SEC.

This indicates an increased focus on ensuring compliance within the crypto industry.

The regulatory actions against these exchanges further contribute to the concerns about the overall stance of the SEC towards the crypto industry.

Crypto companies and exchanges are navigating a complex regulatory landscape.


Despite regulatory challenges, US-based crypto startups have attracted significant investment in Q2.

While the total capital invested in the industry has declined, there is still interest in Web3 technologies and trading platforms.

The regulatory actions taken by the SEC raise questions about the future of crypto innovation in the US.

Crypto companies and exchanges must navigate these challenges while striving for compliance and continued growth.


Cointelegraph By Ciaran Lyons. (July 16, 2023). US ‘dominates’ crypto startup funding in Q2: Report.

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