Small Business Survival: The Impact of AI and Tech Entrepreneurship

Mark Cuban Urges Small Businesses to Embrace AI

Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and investor, advises small businesses to embrace AI or risk being left behind. AI technology can help small businesses become more productive and efficient.

Small businesses can talk to their financial, CRM, and technology software providers to learn about AI functions already released or on the horizon. Companies investing significant resources in AI want to keep customers as monthly subscribers.

Small businesses should be curious about how AI will impact their operations and look for ways to leverage these technologies to stay competitive.

AI is changing the landscape of small businesses and embracing these changes may be the key to their survival.

Market Analysis: TikTok's E-Commerce Bet

TikTok is aiming to develop its global e-commerce trade from $4.4 billion to $20 billion, according to Bloomberg reports. E-commerce is accelerating within the social media realm.

TikTok Shop aims to compete with Amazon as the go-to online shopping portal. If your products target TikTok's demographic, taking advantage of these e-commerce tools on their platform can drive more sales.

This shift to e-commerce within social media presents a significant opportunity for small businesses to reach new audiences and expand their online presence.

Entrepreneurs who understand these trends and are willing to pivot their businesses to take advantage of them can reap the rewards.

Success Stories: InQubeta's AI Crowdfunding Platform

InQubeta's AI crowdfunding platform presale is gaining significant traction, with over $450,000 raised in a few weeks and investors scrambling to secure their spots.

By participating in the presale, investors become early supporters of groundbreaking AI projects and gain access to an exclusive ecosystem. InQubeta's success and reputation in AI have attracted investors' attention.

Investors can capitalize on the AI revolution by backing innovative projects, accessing exclusive AI projects, diversifying their portfolios, and potentially enjoying significant returns.

Entrepreneurs who are innovating in the AI space and are able to secure funding from platforms like InQubeta can create successful startups in this rapidly growing industry.

LinkedIn's New Marketing Measurement Tools

LinkedIn has launched new tools to help businesses assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. The CMO Scoreboard assesses the effectiveness of a brand in terms of its creative effect, media presence, and results metrics.

B2B Index gives businesses a combined score of creativity, 'brand building and brand investment.' B2B Leaderboard features the most successful brands by measuring buyer intent in reaction to a brand's creativity and paid marketing investments.

These new marketing measurement tools can help small businesses better understand the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and make more data-driven decisions.

Entrepreneurs who are able to leverage these tools to optimize their marketing campaigns will have a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Tech Entrepreneurship: Visier's New AI Assistant

Visier, an HR analytics platform based in Vancouver, has launched Vee, a generative AI assistant. Vee allows the use of colloquial or 'natural language' queries which will then be translated by the Visier system.

Users will receive instant data pertaining to human resources, problem-solving analyses, or risk-assessment information. Vee also provides assistance with reports in the data analytics space.

This new AI assistant presents opportunities for entrepreneurs in the HR and data analytics space to create innovative products that leverage AI technology to help businesses become more efficient and effective.

Entrepreneurs who are able to develop AI-driven products that address the needs of businesses will have a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Small Business

The impact of AI on small businesses cannot be overstated. AI technology is changing the way businesses operate, from marketing and customer service to production and logistics.

Entrepreneurs who are able to embrace these changes and leverage AI technology to their advantage will be better positioned for success.

The future of small business lies in the ability to adapt to new technologies and embrace AI. Entrepreneurs who are able to stay ahead of these trends and develop innovative solutions that leverage AI technology will be the ones to watch in the years to come.

AI technology presents a significant opportunity for small businesses to become more efficient, effective, and competitive in the marketplace.


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