Perfect Corp's AR Partnership with Dufry Revolutionizes Travel Retail Experience

Perfect Corp partners with Dufry to offer AR makeup virtual try-on

Perfect Corp has partnered with Dufry, a leading travel retail operator, to provide in-store and web makeup virtual try-on for products from 15 luxury beauty brands.

At Dufry's airport locations in London, Barcelona, and Manchester, customers can now try AR makeup products from brands such as Benefit, Kylie Cosmetics, Guerlain, and Huda Beauty.

This innovative partnership aims to transform the shopping experience, allowing customers to easily find the perfect products and saving them time at the airport.

With plans to expand to more airports in the future, Dufry is committed to offering personalized and interactive digital solutions for beauty and luxury products.

The collaboration between Perfect Corp and Dufry represents a significant step in Dufry's digital strategy to revolutionize the passenger experience and bring the future of shopping to travelers.

Perfect Corp's AI & AR-powered technology in the retail industry

Perfect Corp, a global leader in AI and AR technology, is currently working with over 500 brands to implement its innovative solutions in-store.

Retailers can choose to partner with Perfect Corp and, with brand approval, enhance their shopping experience with AI and AR-powered virtual try-on.

By establishing relationships with brands, Perfect Corp can make virtual SKUs available to retailers, enabling them to engage with consumers wherever they are.

This capacity to offer virtual SKUs empowers retailers to provide a wide range of products and enhance the overall shopping experience.

The collaboration between Perfect Corp and Dufry allows traveling consumers to access the benefits of AI and AR technology, supporting the recovery of the travel sector post-Covid.

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