Zachari's Personal Background and Crypto Journey

Zachari Saltmer's journey into the crypto space began in 2013 with his first bitcoin purchase.

Since then, he has developed a sophisticated trading algorithm and collaborated with brilliant minds.

He encourages his team to complete blockchain-related certifications to enhance their expertise.

His belief is that failures are stepping stones to success.

Insights on Launching One Big Fund

Zachari and his team launched One Big Fund in mid-2022 to empower emerging entrepreneurs and startup founders in the crypto industry.

Comprehensive due diligence and compliance frameworks are essential from the onset.

High-liquidity market opportunities backed by solid data analytics are crucial.

The future of digital funds lies in DeFi-TradFi hybrids.

Advice for Web3 Entrepreneurs

Zachari advises entrepreneurs to identify trends through rigorous data analysis.

A clear understanding of the companies or projects they aim to serve is essential.

Depending on the target market, DeFi-based solutions, traditional funding, or a hybrid approach could be fitting.

Flexible and robust investment strategies are necessary.

Navigating Global Regulatory Landscape for Web3 Businesses

Compliance frameworks that adapt dynamically to the evolving landscape are crucial.

At One Big Fund, they have implemented strong AML and KYC/KYB practices.

Proof of Business, a unique concept, helps traverse the ever-changing and somewhat uncertain global regulatory landscape.

They create NFTs on OpenSea and issue them to their partners using on-chain credentials for effective due diligence and business verification.

MEQA: Zachari's Vision for a Crypto Bank

MEQA, a crypto bank, aims to provide an alternative to traditional banking infrastructure.

Digital banking is the future and is here to stay.

MEQA will promote blockchain, crypto, and overall Web3 adoption on a larger scale.

It is a secure, crypto-native wallet with enhanced banking functionalities, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Addressing Issues in the Banking Industry

MEQA aims to foster transparency by building a community-first platform.

They offer an advanced, non-custodial solution where consumers always have control over their funds.

They provide an encrypted wallet with banking features and a strong security layer, integrated with AML and KYC/KYB compliance mechanisms.

Startup founders will be able to self-custody their funds through reliable partners using MEQA.


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