Maka Motors Raises $37M Seed Round to Begin EV Pilot in Indonesia

Indonesia's Electric Vehicle Market Set for Rapid Growth

Indonesia's electric vehicle (EV) market is projected to reach $20 billion by 2029, indicating significant growth potential.

According to a recent report, the market value is expected to soar from $533 million in 2022 to $20 billion in just seven years.

This growth is fueled by increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions and government initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

With ambitious goals to produce 600,000 electric vehicles by 2030, Indonesia is poised to become a key player in the EV market.

Maka Motors' seed funding will enable the company to tap into this growth and contribute to Indonesia's transition to electric vehicles.

Maka Motors Raises $37.6 Million in Seed Funding

Maka Motors, an Indonesian electric vehicle maker, has successfully raised $37.6 million in a seed funding round.

This funding, one of Southeast Asia's biggest seed fundings, will support Maka Motors' mass production of its two-wheeled EVs.

Notable investors in the round include AC Ventures, Korea's SV Investment, and East Ventures, among others.

The support from these investors reflects confidence in Maka Motors' potential to disrupt the Indonesian two-wheeler market.

With this significant financial backing, Maka Motors is well-positioned to realize its vision of accelerating electric motorcycle adoption in Indonesia.

Addressing Electric Motorcycle Adoption Challenges

One of the key challenges for electric motorcycle adoption in Indonesia is the relatively low penetration of two-wheeled EVs in the market.

Maka Motors aims to address this challenge by offering a competitive electric motorcycle with a blend of driving range, power, usability, and durability.

Additionally, the company aims to provide its EVs at a competitive price compared to current gasoline bikes, making them an attractive option for Indonesian consumers.

By focusing on addressing pain points such as limited power for overtaking cars and higher costs, Maka Motors aims to overcome barriers to electric motorcycle adoption.

Through its innovative approach, Maka Motors seeks to make electric motorcycles a viable and sustainable transportation choice for Indonesian riders.

Maka Motors' Pilot Deployment and Factory Construction

With the seed funding secured, Maka Motors is ready to embark on its pilot deployment of electric vehicles this month.

This initial phase will allow the company to gather valuable data and insights to further refine its products and operations.

Furthermore, the funding will support Maka Motors' ongoing research and development efforts for in-house EV development.

The company will also utilize the funds to construct a factory in West Java, which will serve as a hub for mass production.

By investing in both pilot deployment and factory construction, Maka Motors demonstrates its commitment to rapid growth and scalability.

Strong Investor Support Fuels Maka Motors' Ambitions

The success of Maka Motors' seed funding round can be attributed to the strong support from prominent investors.

AC Ventures, Korea's SV Investment, and East Ventures co-led the funding round, showcasing their belief in Maka Motors' potential.

Other notable investors, including Northstar Group, Provident, and Skystar Capital, also participated in the round.

This wide range of investors reflects the industry's recognition of Maka Motors as a game-changer in Indonesia's two-wheeler market.

With this backing, Maka Motors is well-positioned to make a lasting impact and contribute to Indonesia's sustainable transportation goals.

Team Expertise and Future Plans

Maka Motors boasts a talented team with diverse expertise in the automotive industry.

Many staff members have previous experience working for gasoline motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia, as well as global automotive companies in Japan and Germany.

This wealth of knowledge and experience positions Maka Motors to develop cutting-edge electric motorcycles that meet the needs of Indonesian riders.

The company's future plans align with Indonesia's broader efforts to transition to electric vehicles, joining ride-hailing companies like Gojek and Grab Indonesia in their mission to operate electric fleets.

With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Maka Motors is set to revolutionize the Indonesian electric motorcycle market.


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