Jones Soda Expands Augmented Reality Efforts In-House

Craft soda maker Jones Soda partners with August Allen

Craft soda maker Jones Soda is expanding its use of augmented reality technology with the help of creative agency August Allen. The agency has created a proprietary augmented reality platform for Jones Soda, allowing the company to build and manage its own AR projects and campaigns in-house.

Jones Soda has a history of utilizing AR to reach consumers. In 2021, the company launched its Reel Labels program, which allows people to scan QR labels on Jones Soda bottles to watch videos on their smart devices. This new solution will improve upon the Reel Labels program by utilizing mobile AR instead of requiring people to download a separate application.

The flexibility provided by this new platform enables Jones Soda to respond faster to customer and fan feedback, as well as stay current with cultural trends. Previously, the company had to rely on third-party vendors and agencies to create AR campaigns from scratch each time.

With the ability to tap into AR technology in-house, Jones Soda can make changes on the fly, test campaigns in new communities, and instantly adapt to engage and delight its audiences. This level of control and agility is expected to enhance the company's marketing efforts and strengthen its connection with consumers.

Expansion to Mary Jones Cannabis Brand

Following the success of Jones Soda's AR campaigns, its crossover cannabis brand, Mary Jones, will also be incorporating AR labels on its packaging. The new technology developed by August Allen allows Mary Jones to celebrate its community in video on its packaging and unlock new ways to share their stories.

Jones Soda has always taken a personalized approach with its labels, including fan-designed art and special label campaigns. The introduction of AR labels takes this idea to the next level, providing a unique and interactive experience for consumers. By utilizing AR technology, Mary Jones aims to further engage its audience and differentiate itself in the competitive cannabis market.

The use of AR labels on Mary Jones packaging aligns with the brand's innovative and forward-thinking image. It allows the brand to combine its commitment to quality cannabis products with immersive storytelling, creating a memorable and engaging experience for consumers.

As AR technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, we can expect to see more brands, both within and outside the beverage industry, exploring its potential for enhancing consumer experiences and driving brand loyalty.


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