AI Startups Synthesia and Cohere Making Waves in Tech Entrepreneurship

Synthesia: Revolutionizing Video Creation with AI Technology

Synthesia, an AI-based video creation startup, has secured $90M in Series C funding from investors like Accel, NVIDIA, FirstMark Capital, and Alphabet Inc.'s GV venture capital arm. This funding will allow the London-based startup to further develop its platform that offers a range of AI-powered avatars that can read out a user-supplied script in over 120 languages. With over 50,000 customers worldwide, Synthesia's platform is used for various use cases such as creating promotional clips, crafting video versions of knowledge base articles, and creating employee training content.

The platform also provides advanced editing options, where users can add custom images and videos to a clip. Synthesia's platform makes it possible for users to customize the background behind an avatar using point-and-click controls. This platform is perfect for businesses and startups that want to create exciting video content without spending too much time and resources.

Synthesia's platform has revolutionized the video creation industry, and the success story of this startup is a testament to the potential of AI technology in entrepreneurship. With the market analysis showing an increased demand for video content and the rise of AI technology, Synthesia is poised for even greater success in the future.

Cohere AI: A Rival to OpenAI in Generative AI Technology

Cohere, a generative AI startup, is emerging as a leading rival to OpenAI, especially for enterprise customers, as it offers a way to build generative AI apps without sharing data. Cohere has gained the investment of corporate giants like Oracle, Salesforce, and NVIDIA, and is poised to take the market by storm.

Cohere is designed for enterprise customers, meaning companies can use their own data to train their AI models without sharing that data with Cohere. Oracle is embedding Cohere's generative AI technology into many of its products, while Cohere is using Oracle's cloud to train and build its generative AI models. Salesforce already offers a service that embeds Cohere's chat capabilities into Salesforce.

Cohere's success story is founded on the principles of making Google-quality AI accessible to the masses. Cohere's founders, Aidan Gomez, Nick Frosst, and Ivan Zhang, are all experts in the field of AI technology and have developed a platform that is user-friendly and accessible. The market analysis shows that there is a growing demand for generative AI technology, and Cohere is well-positioned to meet that demand.

The rise of AI technology in entrepreneurship is an exciting business trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Startups like Synthesia and Cohere are at the forefront of this trend, offering innovative solutions to businesses and startups that want to stay ahead of the curve. With the success stories of these startups, it is clear that AI technology has a bright future in entrepreneurship.


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