The Transformation of Light

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some of the most memorable photos of the past 100 years.

1. Leo Tolstoy tells a story to his grandchildren


2. The Titanic


3. Ham the chimp following his historic 16 minute space flight

ham the chimp after returning from space

4. The first Modern Olympics

first olympics

5. Founding of Apple
April 1, 1976

Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak

6. The ending of prohibiltion
December 5, 1933


7. Ford delivers its first car
July 23, 1903

ford first car

8. The man who refused to salute Hitler
June 13, 1936

man refusing to salute hitler

9. 5 megabyte IBM hard disk loaded onto plane

5 mb ibm disk

10. The Japanese “War Tuba” used to locate enemy aircraft before the invention of radar.
Circa 1930

11. Cameraman recording the lion roar for the MGM logo

How far we've come. Just look at what 5 megabytes meant back in 1956 and what they mean now. The only thing bad about this article is there aren't more pictures. Add more please!

Ham the chimp looks so happy! I wonder if he realizes what just happened. I had no idea the first modern Olympics were organized back in 1896!

It's crazy to think that most of these photographs are just a little over a hundred years old, which seems so little in the grand scheme of things. A picture really does say a thousand words, and its so cool that these images are in history for all to admire for thousands of years.

It's so interesting to think that, in the moment, these events probably seemed so insignificant and not necessarily historically valuable. Fast Forward decades into the future, and these photos evoke so many different emotions: awe, wonder, humor, and despair. It makes you think about what's going on in our lives today that may seem small, that will one day become an historical icon!

These are epic! How are these 2 men able to be so composed with a lion right there? How long did it take for him to roar? I have so many questions about that scene. The 5MB hard disk is so funny given that I'm currently on a smartphone. Also, mad respect to the one sane person not saluting Hitler. The world needs more like him.

I kept going back to look at image number think that was only 65ish years ago and now we each basically carry a super computer in our pockets at all times is insane.

These images have me wondering what images will be pulled to show in an article of the future.

Aww, love the 1st one.  Your mind can just imagine all types of sweet, and funny stories he’s telling his grandchildren.  Loving #3’s Ham the Chimp. I follow Nasa and didn’t know about this ha! #5 founding of Apple is classic.  It’s such a large part of people’s everyday life.

These are the type of photos that remind us life is worth living!!

Wow! These pictures are captivating. There are so many unspoken words captured in each shot. The emotions of the people within some of them really help to bring a story to life. I have always been interested in photography and loved the idea of someday capturing an "epic" or powerful photo like these.

It's so interesting that at the time these photos were taken, there was probably little thought as to exactly how significant they would become.

These photos are remarkable pieces of history. Thank you for sharing these. I'm currently on a sabbatical with my girlfriend in Costa Rica and took a couple of photos myself of my travels. In my own life, these photos may be turning points that sparked a new idea. At least I hope. A photo does hold a thousand words.