What are the 10 happiest countries?

According to the 2021 World Happiness Report, emotions have changed with the pandemic, but longer-term satisfaction with life has been less affected.

1. Finland
The land of a thousand islands

2. Denmark

copenhagen woman

3. Switzerland

swiss mother and children

4. Iceland
The land of fire and ice

Woman in Iceland laying down in nature

5. Netherlands

Girl in Holland field

6. Norway
The land of the midnight sun

oslo women on harbor

7. Sweden
The elongated country

mother and child stockholm

8. Luxembourg
The grand duchy

luxembourg grandma with boy

9. New Zealand
The land of the long white cloud

new zealand family

10. Austria
The musical center of Europe

austria couple


Keyton, D.. (2021). 2021 World Happiness Report. AP News.

Wanderlust at its best. These destinations look amazing. I can not wait to get back into my leisure travel. Covid kind of put a hold on my international travels, but I'm am looking forward to adding a few of these beautiful cities to my bucket list. Thank you for these beautiful photos. I'm dreaming again.

I wonder what it is that these (mostly) Scandinavian countries know about happiness that the rest of us don't? Would love to see an article about their values/cultural norms that contribute to their levels of happiness and how that happiness is measured!

I haven’t travel as of late, but a couple of these countries are at the top of my list.  Switzerland, and Netherlands.  I have friends from both countries, been invited,  and perhaps in the near future, I can finally visit.  I too am curious on how this list came about.

I'd love to visit each of these places!! What were the happiness qualifiers, I wonder?

I am in love with all things travel. My bucket list is very long and I am looking forward to dusting off my passport and hopping on an international flight. Some of these locations are actually on my list. I am all for increasing my happiness while taking in the culture in some of these beautiful countries.

I wonder how they're quantifying happiness ...