Seattle Startup Launches Hive3 Contest for Generative AI Content Creators

Seattle Startup Forum3 Launches Hive3 Contest for Generative AI Content Creators

Seattle startup Forum3 has announced the production of Hive3, an esports-style contest for content creators to develop images, audio, videos, games, and more using generative artificial intelligence (AI).

The purpose of Hive3 is to provide creators with a platform to showcase the potential of AI and compete for cash prizes and sponsorships.

The first season of the competition is set to be released later this year, and Forum3 is currently reaching out to potential participants and assembling a panel of judges.

Hive3's platform will be the primary venue for the contest, with the possibility of a show format that allows viewers to learn how to use AI platforms like ChatGPT and Midjourney, as well as gain insights into the ethical and legal guidelines for AI usage.

Forum3, which was founded to assist companies in utilizing new technologies such as NFTs for brand building, aims to promote responsible AI usage through this competition.

Addressing Concerns About Intellectual Property Rights and Deep-Fakes

As AI tools become more widely adopted, concerns about intellectual property rights and the creation of deep-fakes have arisen in the content creation industry.

Content creators and studios are worried that their work is being used to train AI models without proper compensation or acknowledgement.

Deep-fakes, which involve digitally altering audio, images, and videos to resemble someone else's likeness, have also raised ethical concerns.

The emergence of AI in Hollywood has led to a strike by actors and writers who are concerned about the use of AI to replicate their likeness, potentially taking away job opportunities.

Forum3 co-CEO Andy Sack acknowledges the potential for new technology to inspire poor behavior and cash grabs, highlighting the importance of responsibly unleashing exponential creativity.

Sponsors and AI Companies Supporting Responsible AI Usage

Forum3 is currently focusing on securing sponsors for the Hive3 competition, including movie companies and consumer-oriented brands.

The company also expects endorsements from AI companies themselves, further emphasizing the importance of responsible AI usage.

Legacy brands have already tapped into the AI hype for their marketing campaigns, such as Coca-Cola's AI contest and Balenciaga's user-generated AI videos.

The competition's mission of teaching responsible AI usage is expected to attract brands interested in promoting ethical AI practices.

Forum3, a startup that helps businesses develop AI, blockchain, and metaverse technologies, previously advised Starbucks on its digital collectibles project and raised $10 million in funding.

About the Founders of Forum3

Forum3 co-CEO Andy Sack has a background in the Seattle tech scene, having co-founded seed-stage investment fund Founders' Co-op and led Techstars Seattle for five years.

Adam Brotman, the other co-CEO, was previously the chief digital officer at Starbucks and played a key role in developing the Starbucks mobile app.

Both founders bring their expertise in technology, innovation, and digital transformation to Forum3's mission of leveraging new tech for brand building.

Their experience positions them well to organize the Hive3 competition and promote responsible AI usage.

Early Access to Hive3 Contest

Those interested in participating in the Hive3 competition can sign up for early access on the Hive3 website.

By signing up, individuals can stay updated on the competition's progress and be among the first to take part in the contest.

Hive3 offers a unique opportunity for content creators to showcase their skills in generative AI and compete for recognition and rewards.

As the competition gains momentum, it will serve as a platform for advancing responsible AI usage and highlighting the potential of AI in various creative fields.

Join the Pop Culture Phenomenon with Hive3

Seattle startup Forum3 is revolutionizing the content creation industry with the launch of Hive3, an exciting esports-style contest for generative AI content creators.

The competition aims to showcase the immense potential of AI in various creative fields, including images, audio, videos, games, and more.

With cash prizes, sponsorships, and the possibility of a show format, Hive3 provides a platform for creators to compete, learn, and educate viewers on AI usage.

As concerns about intellectual property rights and deep-fakes continue to grow, Hive3 seeks to address these issues and promote responsible AI usage.

Early access is now available, giving participants the opportunity to be part of this pop culture phenomenon and showcase their skills in generative AI content creation.


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