RGA's Evolving Approach to Client Relationships

RGA recognises that its relationship with clients is evolving and is actively changing its approach to better utilise decentralised creativity.

By tapping into a decentralised talent pool and redefining team structures, RGA is designing different team setups and prioritising technologies proactively.

The agency stands firm in its commitment to adapt and define new models for the future, embracing intentional change.

RGA's focus on becoming more globally connected caters to the needs of clients and teams, leading change in the industry.

Embracing Generative AI for Creative Innovation

RGA believes adopting a decentralised creativity model will help the agency embrace new technologies, including generative AI.

Generative AI allows RGA to prototype immediately, present better concepts to clients, and execute projects more efficiently.

The agency utilises AI to create and implement creative ideas, addressing content delivery challenges at scale.

RGA is committed to ensuring ethical practices, addressing biases, and exploring AI's potential to credit creators appropriately.

Generative AI Sparks Discussions at Cannes Lions

Generative AI sparked extensive discussions at Cannes Lions, highlighting the shift towards purpose-driven work.

RGA focuses on building brands through experiences and across ecosystems, which has become even more relevant in the age of AI.

The agency's talk at Cannes emphasised delivering meaningful creativity that aligns with clients' needs and business core values.

RGA believes embracing opportunities in tech and addressing fears will lead to exciting new work in the coming years.

RGA's Momentum and Growth in APAC

RGA is optimistic about the momentum it is building with its core global clients and regional clients in APAC.

The agency continues to work with brands like Shiseido and Fujitsu in Japan, as well as local clients in Shanghai and ongoing collaboration with Nike.

RGA is focused on commerce and exploring promising ventures, particularly in Singapore and Australia.

The agency invests in its technology hub in Indonesia to support its decentralised creativity platform.

While not establishing an office in India currently, RGA works for clients in countries where it lacks a physical presence.


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