Los Angeles: Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Regional Connector

Japan Airlines and Shell Aviation to Use Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Los Angeles by 2025

Japan Airlines (JAL) has signed an agreement with Shell Aviation to use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) when refueling aircraft in Los Angeles from 2025. The deal supports JAL's goal of replacing 1% of its whole jet fuel amount with SAF in fiscal year 2025.

Under the agreement, Shell will supply JAL with SAF volumes equivalent to its current estimated jet fuel uplifts in Los Angeles over the supply period. The SAF emits 75% less CO2 than conventional jet fuel when used neat. The associated lifecycle emission reduction from this agreement amounts to more than 47,000 tons of CO2 annually.

The use of SAF in aviation is seen as a key strategy for decarbonizing the sector, and many airlines are setting targets to increase its usage in their operations. The JAL-Shell Aviation agreement is expected to pave the way for similar partnerships between other airlines and fuel suppliers.

The agreement is a significant step towards achieving JAL's environmental goals and promoting sustainable aviation. It also highlights the importance of partnerships between airlines and fuel suppliers to reduce carbon emissions in aviation. The move is a significant one for the aviation industry in Los Angeles and a step towards a more sustainable future.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Opens $1.8 Billion Regional Connector Project

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has opened its $1.8 billion Regional Connector project, which will enable passengers to travel from Azusa to Long Beach and from East Los Angeles to Santa Monica on one train.

The 3km link in the city center, where construction began in 2013, will allow services to travel from Union Station and Pico/Aliso to 7 Street/Metro Center in the Financial District. The Regional Connector has three new underground stations featuring artwork from more than 180 local artists: Little Tokyo/Arts District, Historic Broadway, and Grand Avenue Arts/Bunker Hill.

The completion of the Regional Connector project improves connections by bringing together the L/Gold, A/Blue, E/Expo, B/Red, and D/Purple lines at 7th Street/Metro Center. The new A and E lines will both serve five stations in downtown Los Angeles, enabling passengers to easily change between the two lines.

Metro will launch the Regional Connector with the existing 10-minute peak and 12-minute midday and weekend service frequencies operating on lines A and E. The project is expected to improve transportation options for residents and visitors to Los Angeles, reduce traffic congestion, and promote sustainable transportation.

The Regional Connector project is a significant investment in Los Angeles' transportation infrastructure and an important step towards promoting sustainable transportation options. It is expected to benefit commuters, businesses, and visitors to the city by improving connectivity and reducing travel times.


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