😃 There's a lot to like about natural building 😃

🍏🍎 Like the fact you can grow food inside your house 🍏🍎

1. 💡Energy 💡

Thermal and/or Solar heating and cooling, solar and wind electricity

2. 🚛 Garbage Management 🚛

♻️ Reuse and recycling built into construction and daily living ♻️

3. 💩 Sewage Treatment 💩

Self-contained sewage treatment and water recycling

4. 🏕 Shelter 🏕

♼ Building with natural and recycled materials ♼

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5. 💧Clean Water💧

💦 Water harvesting and long-term storage 💦

6. 🥕 Food 🥕

🥗 In-home organic food production 🥗

🙌 Yes Please! 🙌

I could live like this, and have toyed with the idea…And don’t think one needs to be totally off grid to do it if you want to retain some of your connection to the world.  I guess that can be a fear for some, right?  Being totally disconnected from the world, because lets face it, technology is needed to be connected.   I know a woman - a midwife, who live two hours outside of the city on acres of land with her family, and they grows 90% of what they eat, but  still travel to the city once or twice a week when needed.  It’s just a longer commute.  They still have internet and phone, albeit slower.   Being able to grow your own organic food is something I crave, and is the main reason I’ve considered this way of living. With how the worlds changed with Covid, I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more people took up this way of living.

Wow! These homes look so green and eco-friendly. Building with natural and recycled materials is very good for the environment. I try to be as sustainable as I can, but my efforts are far from this level of green living. I'd love to hear more about the cons of this lifestyle.

I have to be honest...these are beautiful, but I don't know if this would be the life for me. We were environmentally conscious (sort of) in my home. We recycled, grew a lot of our own produce, had filters, even though we lived in the 'hood. But technology does make life better, more convenient, less strenuous, and can be healthier in the long run. Maybe I'm just a "city slicker," or just used to "big city life," but I have to have my technology. I can't be "all-natural." That's just my personal preference.

All of these homes are beautiful! I am originally from the city but I have an intense connection with the universe so I have been slowly moving away from the city over the years. One of my biggest goals is to have my own tiny home, natural off-grid home that is both highly sustainable and cozy. Thanks to this piece I know have the main steps to building my own home as well as some inspiration!