Creating Horrifying Scenes with Midjourney's Invisible Space

Introduction to Invisible Space

Discover the power of using invisible space in Midjourney to create horrifying scenes.

By shifting the subject to the side, you can achieve unsettling visuals.

Learn about the concept of negative space and how it applies to Midjourney.

Ideal images for this technique are visually pleasing and bright, without making the subject too small.

Methods and Prompts for Shifting the Subject

Explore different methods and prompts to shift the subject to the side in Midjourney.

Use keywords like 'left side blank', 'right side blank', and 'negative space' to achieve the desired effect.

This technique works best with horizontally wider images, rather than the default 1:1 ratio.

Patience and experimentation may be required to perfect the positioning of the subject.

Blending Characters into Scenes

Learn how to blend a character into a scene using the invisible space technique in Midjourney.

Choose a simple background for the blend to ensure the desired effect.

Stay tuned for a future story where the author promises to reveal a better way to blend images.

Follow the author for updates on this exciting topic.

Teasing Creepy Images

Get inspired by additional examples of using the invisible space technique.

These examples showcase the versatility and possibilities of this method.

Before diving into the unsettling visuals, explore the showcased images.

One example includes a photo of a huge invisible area in a room with a boy standing at the side.


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